Muted Coven

Cast a spell this month with the Avianna Dress and Harpy Mantle for the September round of Collabor88 !

Avianna Dress - Harpy Mantle

Get ready to conjure up a dramatic entrance this September with a spellbinding combination.  With a bejeweled, filigree brocade and a feather trim. The Harpy Mantle and Avianna Dress highlight exude elegant attention to detail. Each mantle includes a HUD to change feather colors as well as hide or show the capelet and bolero. Dress and mantle include standard sizing XXS-M, along with SLink and Maitreya fitted versions. Pieces sold separately, 8 colors available.

Avianna Dress - Harpy Mantle - Contact Key

TP to Collabor88 !


About Maylee

Maylee Oh is a self taught 3D artist and Second Life content creator where she owns a clothing brand called The Secret Store.

4 responses to “Muted Coven

  1. disappointed

    Why no L sizes?

    • Hello ! I’m very sorry you are disappointed and I totally understand it, I really wish I could please everyone. Lately, rigging and sizing became a nightmare for most designers as working on fitted mesh takes a lot of time and energy. I personally have to invest 1 to 2 full days of work for rigging/sizing since I’m offering fitted mesh (compared to a couple of hours before). Fairly, I even considered a few time of discontinuing clothing as it starts to be less and less valuable considering the amount of work I put in my products and their selling price. This is why I took the decision to not keep up with the less popular standard size, which unfortunately was also the hardest to work on. Moreover, curvier SL shapes look way nicer and smoother with mesh bodies which means that you can still wear these products with a curvy shape if you use the Maitreya/Slink fitted mesh versions and you will actually have more control on your body sliders rather than just using a Standard L which is really great. I hope this makes sense to you and that you’ll understand !

      • understandg but still disappointed as the dress looks fanstastic.

        Thank you for the reply. Have you tried features like skin weight copying in software like maya? Works wondefully when needing to copy skin weights to different objects. As long as you have a default body with correct skin weights it copies them to other objects with very little adjustment needed 🙂

        Unfortunately The mesh bodies do not work for the body shape I currently go for. They are so limited when it comes to some sizes as mesh bodies multiply the SL slider adjustments instead of being linear, making bodies look weird.

      • Hello again !
        Thankfully I already use weight copy pasting tools, but it always has to be tweaked no matter what and I’m extremely perfectionist when it comes to that. However I didn’t drop L size because of its rigging (since it’s the same as other standard sizes) but because shaping it is very tiresome due to its huge difference with other sizes. That said, if you are really interested in purchasing this dress I can make an exception and work on a L size !

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